• Lifetime warranty
  • Sustainably deployable
  • No tools needed

Graphic for Light Frame

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Want something new for once? You can do that very easily by just ordering a new graphic for your Light Frame!

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Want a new look on your Light Frame wall, but don't want to make such an expensive investment again? There is no need for that either! By ordering a new graphic, you will change the whole look of your wall by simply putting in a different graphic. Order the fabric in the size of your Light Frame wall and then it's just a matter of taking out the old fabric and putting in the new one.

Want to set up the wall you have in a smaller size? That's possible too! With the profiles of your existing wall, you can set up several sizes of wall, you just need another graphic in a smaller size.

Product information

Lifetime warranty

Tools required


Type of system

Plug and Play Frames

Type of printing

FC cloth in 1 piece


Instruction card and instruction video

To be transported in a passenger car

To be placed by anyone


1x Translucent graphic for Light Frame

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